Mold Removal, Remediation & Abatement

Mold Removal and Remediation

Pro-Tech Restoration IICRC Certified Professionals are available with 24 hour Emergency Service at 518-562-8281 for all of your mold, mildew, black mold removal, remediation and abatement needs.

Mold, mildew and fungi occur naturally in our environment. Even though some forms of mold can add value to our lives, other forms can be harmful, do damage, and should be removed. Excessive amounts of mold and mildew, different types of mold, and/or exposure to mold may present health concerns for some people.

Flooded basements and water damage in your home can result in mold and black mold growth. Water intrusions can result from storm damage, plumbing or equipment failures, long-standing leaks, basement flooding and poor humidity control. When water and mold damage is not addressed right away, the result can present increased risk of harmful mold and mildew growth.